This section is a hierarchical catalog of goods. The nesting level of the catalog groups is unlimited and everyone can configure (create) the directory structure for himself.

To add a new product or group, press “+”. A form with two corresponding tabs opens with the following fields:

  • “Item / Article” is the name of the product (for example: milk, bread, jacket, loan, etc.).
  • “Parent group” is the name of the parent group (for example: products, dairy, sausage, clothes, rest, etc.). When this field is filled, a new or existing product will be recorded in this group. If this field is left blank, the product will be recorded at the top level of the catalog.

To create a product group, you must select the appropriate bookmark in the same form, fill in the “Category” field and, if necessary, select the parent category and press the record button.

Using the menu of any line in the list, you can edit, delete, move, change the color or icon of the item:

  • editing – opens the form of editing the product or category in which you can change the name, as well as choose another parent category.
  • delete – a dialog will open to confirm the deletion of the product or category. When you delete a category, all items belonging to it will also be deleted. It is possible to delete several selected items at once. To do this, it is necessary to mark these elements by clicking on the icon in the line, and click on the button with the image of the basket. Physical (immediate) removal of the elements does not occur. The item is only marked for deletion and you can always restore it using the corresponding menu item in the line. In the application settings there is an appropriate item in the “Deleted” menu, in order to select the display mode of items marked for deletion.
  • moving items – to move one or more of several products or categories to another category, you need to mark them by clicking on the icon in the line, and click on the icon for the category change. Then, in the opened form, select the parent category in which you want to move the marked items and click on the “Yes” button.
  • color – a form opens in which you can select one of the basic colors or using the sliders, set your own color for the selected product or category.
  • icon – a form opens in which you can select an icon from the base gallery, and also choose or make your photo and set it for the selected product or category.

This section also provides an opportunity to quickly get for each article or group of articles the total amount of expenses and revenues for the selected period. You can change the period using the calendar at the bottom of the form. And choosing any product, you can get on it all transactions (arrivals, expenses and transfers) for the selected period.

To quickly find the desired article, you can use the filter. To set the filter, click on the icon in the form header and enter the search string. As a result, all products and categories in the name of which the search string will be found will be selected.