This section contains the entire list of committed and planned shopping lists in the selected period. To quickly find the list you need, you can use the calendar at the bottom of the screen to select a period, and also set the list search filter by the name of the place of purchase (supermarket). To set the filter, click on the icon in the form header and enter the search string. As a result, all shopping lists will be selected for which the search string appears in the name of the supermarket.

To create a new shopping list, click on “+”. The form of the new list opens, where we enter the name in the “Place of purchase” field or select it from the drop-down list. To add a new “shopping places”, after entering the name, select the first line with this name from the list and confirm the creation in the opened dialog.

Adding a new line to the shopping list is possible in three ways.

Voice input – addition of goods by voice. After pressing the button with the microphone, dictate the list by dividing the names with »and«. Then the form for confirmation of the added goods will open, where you can cancel the addition, add only those marked or all.

Selection of popular – adding items from the list of popular. After clicking on the multiple selection button, a form will open for quick selection from the list of popular products or catalog. To add a new product, just click on the row from the list one or more times. A product added to the list will be marked with a different color, and icons will be available for deleting and opening the dialog for editing quantity and price. To return to the shopping list, you must click on the check mark or return.

Adding through the form – adding goods through the form of adding a new line. After clicking on the “+” button, the form for input with the following fields will open:

  • “Product / Article” is the name of the product. It is enough to enter a few letters and select the desired name from the drop-down list. If this name is not in the list, you can add it by clicking on the first line in the list and confirming the creation. Sorting the list is adjusted by rating of frequently bought goods.
  • “Quantity” is the quantity of the item.
  • “Price” is the unit price.

After filling the required fields, we click the “add” button. If necessary, you can continue adding the next product or close the form.

When adding a new line to the shopping list in any of the three ways, the quantity and price are automatically filled in from the last shopping list of this product.

When you click on the shopping list row, the product will be placed in the shopping cart. At the bottom of the screen, you count the number of items from the list that you have in the basket and how much of the total shopping list. The shopping list can be quickly transferred to a mode where the goods in the shopping cart are not displayed. To do this, you can go to the settings of the application or drag your finger from the bottom edge of the screen up and select the desired mode of displaying the goods in the list using the “Show cart” radio button.

Include in costs – if you wish, the list of purchases can be included in the costs by checking the appropriate box. In a new window, you must select the account (purse) from which the payment was made. Thus, the purchase amount will fall into the section “Expenses, arrivals and transfers by accounts”, and all goods of the shopping list in the “Statistics of expenses” section.