This section contains a description of the public and Pro application settings:

  • “Screen” – selects the screen mode occupied by the application: full screen or with a visible status bar, where standard information such as time, battery charge, etc. is displayed.
  • “Hibernate” – enable / disable the screen transition to sleep mode (disable the screen when long idle)
  • “Deleted” – select a mode: hide or show items marked for deletion (goods, invoices, shopping lists, etc.)
  • “Operation time “- choice of mode: hide or show along with the date the time of transactions (expenses, arrivals or transfers of money), shopping lists, etc.
  • “Day of the beginning of the week” – selecting the day from which the start of the week begins.
  • “Currency” – the choice of the currency of operations (affects only the display). At any time, you can change it to any other currency. All transactions are made in one currency.
  • “Clear data” – delete all data in the application such as goods, invoices, shopping lists, as well as expenses and revenue transactions. After you delete the data, you will be prompted to create the default database.
  • “Authorization” – used to identify the user, after which the subscription will be available for using Pro functions.
  • “Subscription – PRO” – go to the form for registration or change of subscription terms for using Pro functions.
  • “Autocomplete fields” – enable / disable the automatic filling of the quantity and price fields when adding a row to the shopping list.
  • “Bought” – select a mode: hide or show the goods in the shopping cart in the shopping list.
  • “Export & Import” – the transition to the form of export / import of data through the database archive. Available only in Pro version.
  • “Synchronization” – go to the form to synchronize the data with the cloud. Synchronizing data with the cloud makes it easy to transfer data from one device to another, and also to add, edit or delete them. To do this, just authorize and upload or download the data in the synchronization section. Available only in Pro version.