Smart Shopping Lists Finance – smart shopping list and home finance.

Nowadays, there are nothing to do in a supermarket without shopping list. Planning a trip to the supermarket, we try not to forget the necessary purchases and each time we write a shopping list, again and again. It would seem that we already know by heart that we need and we can not write a shopping list, but always forget something to buy. And if you want to know the amount of the upcoming campaign? You also need to remember the prices!

With Smart Shopping Lists Finance, the shopping list is created in one click !!! Why “smart” shopping list? It’s simple – our list is self-taught! It’s enough just to make purchases and popular products are always at hand. And before the next hike to the store, you just have to choose the right product, and the price and quantity will be filled automatically.

And as time is precious now! We all want to spend more with family, friends or just relax. Now with our smart shopping list you can shorten your stay in supermarkets two, three or more times. Synchronization will help you in this! Having installed SSLF on several devices and synchronizing data, you can at the same time collect a shopping list together, three or more at different ends of the supermarket and forget nothing and do not buy too much! And you still have time to drink coffee!

We always get frustrated when the money in the wallet runs out. We begin painfully long to remember: “How and where did I spend it ?!”. Our shopping list will help you always quickly determine how much, when and on what you spent money.

Main functions:

  • voice entry of the shopping list;
  • adding items to the shopping list with one click from the popular catalog;
  • creating your own list of categories and products, with the possibility of grouping any nesting;
  • icon gallery for categories and products;
  • the ability to create or select a photo for categories and products;
  • manage any number of purses, groupings of any nesting;
  • the ability to add, edit and delete operations on purses: income, expenses, transfers;
  • creating your own list of supermarkets and places of spending and incomes;
  • opportunity to quickly search for a spend or income operation by periods;
  • statistics of expenses in the form of graphs and diagrams;
  • quick input of costs or revenues using widgets;
  • the ability to synchronize data between multiple devices;
  • cooperative editing of data both offline and online;
  • import and export data for transfer to another device;
  • preventing the device from switching to sleep mode;
  • the ability to create a gallery of photo checks and convenient functionality to create a shopping list for them;