This section is intended for managing expenses, arrivals and transfers on accounts. Here you can quickly get the full list of your expenses, arrivals or transfers between accounts, using the appropriate bookmarks. Calendar functions will help you quickly switch and select the desired period.

Each line in the list of operations displays information about costs, revenues, or transfers of funds. At the bottom left – the date of the operation, on the right – the account (purse) from which there was an expense, arrival or transfer, as well as the amount of the transaction.

To add a new operation, click “+”. An input form will open, where you need to select the appropriate tab for the type of added expense, receipt or transfer operation and fill in the fields:

  • “Date” is the date of the operation.
  • “From account” or “To account” – depending on the type of transaction you need to enter a name or select an account (purse) for the expense or income respectively, and to transfer from account to account, enter a name or select an account (wallet) in the appropriate fields.
  • “Goods / article” is the name or the name of what they spent, for which they received or the purposes of transfer between accounts (purses) of money. It is enough to enter a few letters and select the desired name from the drop-down list. To add a new good / article, after entering the name, select the first line with this name from the list and confirm the creation in the opened dialog.
  • “Amount” is the sum of the expense, arrival or transfer.

After filling the required fields, press the “record” button.

Using the vertical menu in any line of the list, you can edit or delete the selected operation.

All previously created operations can be quickly found by selecting the desired period using the calendar at the bottom of the screen. To transfer the calendar to the advanced mode, you need to slide your finger from the bottom edge of the screen up.